3 Fascinating Things About Technology

That makes the Creators’ life more manageable

Monika Singh
3 min readDec 11, 2022


Hello beautiful! Today you will read some fascinating things about technology, which continuously helps us to make our life easier.

Before proceeding, kindly ensure you are ready to give all your attention here! So, let us start!

1. Interacting with people and the community

Since technology is booming and bringing new features, the boundaries between real life and social media life are decreasing.

Technology makes it easier to interact with people in minutes, which is impossible in real life.

So, technology is the winner and has done a fascinating job of erasing rigid boundaries.

It has not only benefited the audience, but things have become much easier for artists and content creators too. With the rise of technology, Communities, networking, creating challenging groups, and improving for betterment have become even more accessible.

Photo by Antoni Shkraba

2. Scheduling content in advance

One of the best features I love about social media is that I can schedule the content, almost in every app I use, to create Personal brand and awareness.

It always saves me when I am running out of energy. Or if I am stuck on another critical task.

Scheduling has made it easier to share content with the audience at a particular time. It not only helps to create a self-disciplined and consistent image but also helps to establish Authority. People start respecting your time boundaries more.

For example, I can schedule content for Twitter, Instagram, and Medium. This article you are reading is also scheduled for later. I am sharing a screenshot of scheduled content for my Bookstagram (Micro book blog on Instagram) here to make it more realistic.

Screenshot by Monika Singh Source: Instagram

Also, we can focus on other essential tasks with high focus, like creating content in advance, attending important meetings, spending time with loved ones without interruption, and working for clients simultaneously. But it is impossible in the offline world, where you have to give live presentations or attend a meeting.

3. Creating content for clients all over the world

It has become so much easier now that we do not need to travel to foreign countries to work with people who will respect our potential and skills and pay us well.

The rapid rise in technology has made connecting with Personal brands, clients, and service providers easier.

It also helps to connect with quality service providers and clients who respect and understand their skills and potential.

For example: In the past few months, I have worked with several clients as a ghostwriter, content writer, tech video scriptwriter, and content strategist for budding start-ups, from researching to creating satisfying content, even for the niches that were new to me. But, as those clients requested me to try it, I did. Even I was amazed at how I created those insightful content pieces.

One of the clients was so happy that he asked me to work more for him, obviously for extra pay. But that is another perk: we can only pick up productive hours full of energy to work. That night I slept so satisfactorily, I can not even explain it. I am sharing it just for reference.

Source: Monika Singh

Thanks to seamless technology. It has made research and content creation so much easier. And ultimately, it has made our life easier in several aspects.

I hope it was insightful and worth reading for you.

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