Shuttler’s Flick — Making Every Match Count

Pullela Gopichand With Priya Kumar

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The hunger to do more & to be more should always drive you, no matter how big you become.

Book Title: Shuttler’s Flick — Making every match count

Author: Pullela Gopichand and Priya Kumar

This book is about Gopi Sir’s philosophy of life and about winning. It can inspire you to lift yourself in hard times when you don’t need anyone to console & lift you.

Shuttler’s Flick: Pullela Gopichand with Priya Kumar

Book Review

This Story is inspired by real-life incidents, and more than that; it is based on the life Journey of Gopi (Badminton player and coach).

He decided to keep playing when he felt the twist in his leg at an awkward angle. And the second fall detached his knee and ankle. People thought it was the end of his career.

The sad part of life is that no one waits for you to come back or supports you when you fall down. People move ahead without you or even thinking about you.

This Story describes the theme on which the book is based. Why should you give your attention to this Story?

Of course, there is a big reason. Big injury, falling of career, Passion, fire, grit, mental toughness, and much more to bring the life of a champion to even normal. And then his establishments, achievements, coaching, success of students, and much more. The rest is history.

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The narration style is fantastic. The words themselves are creating and igniting the fire in the heart and mind. No, it’s not about motivation. But they kindle the fire of Passion. A fire to give a proper direction to your mindset, Passion, purpose, dreams, and goals.

There is a small picture album about some of the emotional and significant achievements of Gopi & his life. Marriage, accomplishments, academy, his students’ achievements, etc.) It creates a more personal touch & the book story connects as we feel connected to videos or movies.

Each chapter ends with highlights of Your Serve and Your Solitude, your truth, giving it a more superficial touch and credibility.

I will keep talking about the insights in the upcoming days. They are so amazing you would like to highlight almost every second or third passage.

I have read six books by Priya Kumar. Whenever I read a new book written by her, I feel amazed & have a Stronger connection with her voice — and yet surprised by how she manages to write and give the proper flow in narration.

What I like: Narration style, more critical, the Story, the spark of Passion, and much more. I don’t know if we’ll be able to observe a movie or series about the same.

Recommended: I would like to recommend this book to every individual who feels that their career has ended or their dreams & goals are shattered despite having so many skills, higher education, capability, and much more. Thanks to Priya Kumar for this beautiful book and amazing Story!

I ask you to propose this book for your Passion and give it a space in your bookshelf, mind, and life! You can Get the book from Amazon.

I hope it was insightful and worth reading for you.

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