The Roots of Anderson Mansion by Lancy Chopra

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How good are you at identifying the natural Face of People?

Ever Met someone, who is innocent & charming when you interact with them, but a dirty player in reality?

Book Title: The Roots of Anderson Mansion

Will She Get The Blue Print? Or People will Die Like Sheep.

Author: Lancy Chopra

Book Review by Monika Singh

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This Suspense, murder, treasure, and scam mystery hooked me. And I was not able to put down the book. So, I read soft copy and then paperback too.

No doubt, There is lots of work and investment going on in the story. So many characters are involved, playing their role in good or bad karma.

The story balances beauty, mystery, dirty games, and investigation well.

Shelly is a strong personality and owner of S&G company, one of the leading companies in India, and she is trying to expand her business in Canada.

She is a well-crafted character who is sweet, innocent, and intelligent for the outer world, whose hurt is full of hate and cleverness, and whose mind knows how to play dirty games.

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She didn't even hesitate to harm her husband so badly!

That one lady character, parents warn their sons to stay away from.

Suraj & Christina are the story's main characters; Suraj is a dedicated Police officer who lost his parents in a car accident when he was 16. Christina is the princess & heir of the Anderson mansion. She is also a GSI officer.

The story starts with the description of Anderson Mansion, rooted in Palachan. Chris is happy while reading a text message from her cousin that they are coming to meet her.

But, the next day brought fearful surprise about the car accident of both cousins' sisters.

Inspector Suraj Singh is handling this case.

He has a soft corner for Princess Christina. He was trying to recall all those blissful memories of when they used to play together.

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Chris met her sisters, and the story started tangling like entangled hair. She told her love Rahul died there.

But why and how?
Who is behind these miseries?

Shelly is destroying the life of her family members, for money, in the search for ancient treasure.

She planned several plots, where she made her husband paralyzed below the belly, and he is now in a wheelchair, all to take ownership of the S&G company.

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She has a physical relationship with her brother-in-law, not because of love, to hide her black deeds and tune him on her fingers.

Also, she even played dirty tricks on her closest friend Suraj, Wade. He was frustrated by following Suraj's orders, and his eyes were now on the treasure Shelly was searching for. They have planned & tried to kill Chris but failed several times.

Shelly makes harshly under pressure to find blueprints at any bloody cost, which were missing after Rahul & his death. He was an employee of S&G. Rahul was sent to Palachan for work giving him blueprints. But Shelly was unaware of the love between Rahul and her younger daughter.

Suraj had a cursory list to talk to some of his informers. After his business, all his attention went to Christina.

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Suraj and Christina had a blissful time. She, too, felt the love near her. Suraj expresses his feelings to Christina and puts forward his childhood wish. Their beautiful love moves forward, and emotions start flowing from their eyes.

What happened to their love story?
What happened with Shelly & wade?

Kumar got married to Naina and narrated this whole story to his kids.
Kumar knew this was not the end. The story that Christina had closed will surely come back. Somebody will find that treasure whose sign is in his hand.

For The Full Blue Print We Need To Find The Footprint

There is much more. Fantasy, love, cute romance, sex, crossing limits of morality, humanity, love & hate. All this is yet to unfold by different characters.

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What I like:

The flow of narration is smooth and well-maintained. Suspense, Character development is fabulous & character names try to highlight the actual character of the characters. Investigation & behind the scenes are well balanced. The use of Hindi pickup lines is just excellent!
Description of love & beauty is beautiful!

I wish language could have been a little more accessible. But it's perfect for alpha literature lovers.

Recommended To: If you love reading Suspense, mystery, murder, love, romance, and adult fiction, go for it!

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