Why the Strong Women suffer in relationships?

By Monika Singh

People, situations, circumstances, experiences, pain, bullying, and there are several things, which have made you stronger!

Women tolerate abuse because of emotional vulnerability. - Gul Panag


1. Strong Woman

2. Strong Woman, Strong Man

3. Strong woman, with an Average man

4. Imbalance in Personality and Relationships

5. Why strong girls fall for bad boys

6. Why man goes for a woman who does not use her brain much

7. Myth of beauty

8. How wicked women are good in tuning men on their fingers

1. Strong Woman

Dear Strong Woman!

If you are strong, It’s not your fault!

But do not let others use you in the name of strength, tolerance, and patience.

Be it in common relation with friends, colleagues, romantic or any other form of relation.

You are strong, and you might find it normal or can tolerate the unnecessary ego and drama in your relations, but If you allow them to get away with it once, you are telling them they can get away with it every time.

It is a harsh experience for several strong girls, and more friction comes from their family members or guardians. Sometimes from parents too!

So, I hope you understand the importance of raising your voice!

Before moving ahead, I would like to tell you that it may contain some mature content. If you are not comfortable or do not understand such things, kindly do not read further.

2. Strong Woman, Strong Man

It might seem like made for each other in the starting, but it is not after some months.

A Strong woman, who is emotionally, & financially independent, will struggle to figure out a balance of power over her partner. Because he doesn’t want to feel weak. He wants her to submissive, because of his strength. So he continues his attempts to claim dominance in their relationship.

And girls are taught to be a caretaker, and compassionate women, who have to sacrifice their will & desire for their partner.

So, she ended up struggling more.

3. Strong woman, with an Average man

No matter how successful or independent they are, women become victims of their idea of a perfect fairytale life while men often become abusive to overcome their insecurities.

Such Men can repeatedly humiliate you in front of their friends, family members, relatives, or any 3rd person.

So, she ended up struggling more.

4. Imbalance in Personality and Relationships

When people have a good image in the outside society, their only space to let out imperfection is their own home.

So, If he is a nice guy to society, then he’ll let out all his frustration at the home. He can be violent beyond expectation.

He gets violent if women do not work according to his will, demand, habits, taste, and control.

So, she ended up struggling more.

5. Why strong girls fall for bad boys

Women feel that bad boys (not in the sense of character or criminal-minded person) will protect them from the outside world.

Why does it happen?

Even the most intelligent girl can lose her mind to her heart


Such men take advantage of the vulnerability of women who crave a home, family, and other domestic bliss.

So, she ended up struggling more.

6. Why man goes for a woman who does not use her brain much

If a man is wise, the lady simply feels proud of his man.

But, if the lady is wise, a man does not always feel proud. She becomes a new competition for his mind. And he might get insecure, or he will start looking for other flaws in her. which is going to imbalance the relationship.

Since men are strong, intelligent, and imaginative, while women are physically weak, and known for not-so-wise decisions or often emotional decisions.

All relationships go through cycles and phases. The honeymoon period doesn’t last forever. Work stress and family obligations can get in the way.

And in all this, he would not like an interruption from the woman, who would like to create mental pressure on him.

So, they go for women who do not use their brain much.

Such Women let men work for them, think for them, and take on their responsibilities. When a man feels like a king, at least in front of his woman, it boosts his ego.

So, man goes for a woman who does not use her brain much.

If she is smart, then she doesn’t use it much in front of her man, intentionally. If she use it, she ended up struggling more.

7. Myth of beauty

People say that beauty will help you to keep your man in place. And they define beauty in terms of a beautiful face and a perfect body figure.

Poets and sometimes Inspirational & motivational writers tell you, that outer beauty doesn’t matter.

Which is nowhere the complete truth.

The beauty of thought and inner beauty also matter, along with outer beauty.

The fact is:

Where the beauty of the face can help for short-term satisfaction.

It’s the beauty of thoughts (compatibility), and inner beauty (purity of heart), which helps to keep the relationship in the place for long term.

And all three are important in the necessary ratio!

8. How wicked women are good in tuning men on their fingers

Have you ever wondered why most men prefer the nastier girl to date?

She is clever and wicked. Who is innocent, beautiful, and glamorous by her face and looks, for the outside world. Who can be dangerous & devil by heart.

According to psychologists and therapists, such women have had unfortunate learning experiences in life, especially about men. So, they ended up developing a manipulative approach to dominate and control the man around them.

They understand how much a man is willing to surrender in the pursuit of sexual access.

They understand how to make him feel that there is no friction and that the man is in control of the relationship.

There are so many secrets only they can understand and know about man, along with the therapists and relationship counselors.

Ultimately, a man does not feel safe to show his vulnerability for one or more reasons to their partner who deserves it. And wicked women ended up tuning them.

So, a strong woman ended up suffering.


Good men project, Firstpost, observation, experiences of surrounding, books based on relationships written by counselors, and therapists, conversations with several other strong women who are either married or in Relationships.


I want to share because I’ve learned this from the behavior of people in my surrounding, going through the ups & downs of my life & the several other women I’ve interacted with in the Journey!

If you’ll understand these, it can help you a lot. Go over it again and take your decisions with wisdom & overcome your weaknesses! All the best!

Your small contribution can help lots of Strong Women to Suffer less!

If you like it, kindly share your feedback, share it with your friends & follow me for more insightful content

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